Below are some accessories that will assist in your fence building requirements.

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The perfect fencing solution to help you save time and save money.

  • Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Professional Trade Quality
  • Superior holding
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Galvanized & Black coated ‘C’ Clips
  • 12 month warranty

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Otter Fencing have released a professional quality, pneumatic C-clip gun and collated ‘magazine style’ ‘C’ shaped netting clips, suitable for the serious fencing installer. The Otter AC41M pneumatic C-clip gun will make your fencing job a whole lot easier and quicker, translating into a fast pay-back period.

The pneumatic gun requires an operating air pressure of 85 to 120 PSI generated by a compressor with a minimum of an 8/10 CFM and can operate as fast as you can keep up!

The Otter C-clip gun uses Otter 25mm width C-clips made from 2.3mm medium tensile, Zinc Aluminum coated wire (W05Z5A), which is equivalent to Heavy Galvanised wire (W10Z). The C-clips are compliant with the current Australian Standards for chain-link fabric fencing (AS1725-2010) and won’t experience premature rust, common with the majority of C-clips currently available, which are made from non-compliant Standard Galvanised wire (W02Z).

The C-clips are available in both a galvanised and a black coated finish; the latter complementing well with black PVC coated or black fusion bonded chain-link fabric.

The C-clips are collated into strips of 78 individual clips, which makes handling the clips and loading the pneumatic gun easy and simple. The C-clips are supplied in all-weather plastic tubs, with 3120 individual C-clips in each tub. This in turn clips off around 1000 lineal metres of horizontal support wires, when spaced at nominal 320mm centres to comply with AS1725-2010.

The OTTER ‘C’ clips have been designed with ‘Blunt Ends’ for safety purposes to minimize the risk of injury as against the sharp end clips currently in the market, which means they are ideal for all applications, especially at high risk areas such as Schools, Tennis Courts, Sports Ground and fences exposed to the public.

The Otter pneumatic gun and C-clips are a must for the professional Fencing Installer, with the gun being an extremely reliable trade quality tool, which is supported with a 12 month warranty period. You’ll be amazed with the time this equipment saves you on a job and wonder how you ever managed without it!


Magnetic Pickup Tool

Introducing the Magnetic Pickup Tool, a fast an easy way to clean up a finished site of clipped and left over pieces of metal. No need to worry about any dangerous leftovers if you have one of these handy accessories!

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