Welded Mesh Fencing is an economical and durable fencing type that suits a wide variety of applications.

The fence panels are typically constructed with rolled top and bottom profiles, which adds strength and durability to the fence panels, without adding additional weight. The design means the panels remain light weight and cost effective, which make welded mesh fence panels ideal for multiple applications.

Most commonly welded mesh panels are used for boundary fencing and secured compounds due to the added strength of the welded mesh design and heavier wire diameters, making it difficult to cut or damage.

Welded mesh fencing installed in Hallam

Weldmesh BD (Medium)

Willow Panel - Pakenham PS (Medium)

Refer below for Otter Fencing’s range of welded mesh fence panel types that are available.

All Otter Fencing welded mesh types comply with AS2423-2002 and a full range of gates, posts and accessories are available to suit.

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358 High Security WELDED MESH 

358 High Security Welded Mesh is used in applications where higher security, fencing and gates are required to protect your commercial and industrial property against risk and unwanted intruders.

The reason behind the added strength of 358 weld mesh over regular welded mesh is the increased amount of vertical and horizontal wires, making it impenetrable with standard wire or bolt cutters.

The 9mm wire aperture makes it impossible to get a finger hold, making it extremely difficult to climb.

When razor wire, anti-dig mesh and camera surveillance are added to 358 welded mesh fencing it offers immeasurable protection.




  • Prisons
  • Railway
  • Electrical Sub-Stations
  • Security Compounds

Features and Benefits

  • Difficult to cut
  • Difficult to climb
  • High Security
  • Durable & Long Lasting

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358 high security welded mesh is manufactured with Infrabuild Zalcote (Galvanized) quality wire. Zalcote wire (W05Z) has a zinc/alloy coating which offers a four time lifespan greater life than Standard Galvanized wire (W02Z).