Robinson Capp Reserve High Screen Fence

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Darebin - Capp Reserve - High Screen Fence 3 (Large)

Location: Robinson Capp Reserve, Preston
Customer: City of Darebin

The City of Darebin recently engaged Otter Fencing to supply and install a High Screen Ball fence at Robinson Capp Reserve – Preston, to restrict wayward cricket balls from entering the new children’s playground.

The project required Otter Fencing to pull-down the existing galvanized chain-link fabric fencing located between the cricket oval and the children’s playground and replace it with 58.5 lineal metres of new 3750mm overall height Top & Bottom rail Black PVC coated chain-link fabric fencing, plus a 7.5 lineal metre section of 5150mm overall height same type fencing with 3 no. horizontal pipe rails for extra stability. The new High Screen Ball fence was constructed with twin 65mmNB / 50mmNB pipe posts, 50mmNB rails and larger than normal concrete footings to comply with the project specific Engineered design.