Pre-packed security compounds

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Would you like your security compounds packaged up for you? Want something quick and easy to assemble? Maybe our complete pre-pack kits are for you!
These simple 4 sided compounds use all galvanized 80nb posts with 40nb railing as well as heavy duty chain-mesh fabric for extra strength and durability. The pack also comes with Flat loop razor wire and knuckle barb selvedge on the mesh for extra security, and all of the fittings you need to assemble this quickly and efficiently.
Ontrack Security Fencing has already used these pre-packed kits in over 40 installations so far, and had this to say:
Thank you Otter Fencing for the professional way you provided our complete pre-packed enclosure kits.
All posts and rails were cut to size perfectly and this allowed our staff to erect the cages completely within two hours, resulting in a huge saving in labour costs.
Regards Darren
Feel free to contact the Otter Fencing sales staff if you are interested in this easy to use and very durable security compound solution!

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