Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2019

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The smell of freshly cut grass and bursting blooms will scent the Melbourne air once again for the 24th annual  Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show with breathtaking floral displays and spectacular show gardens, and every year since its inception in 1995, Otter Fencing has been there to lend a helping hand.

In only 3 days, Otter Fencing installed the 1km of 1800mm high temporary chain-link fabric fencing around the Carlton Gardens with posts pile driven into the ground, making sure to minimize any impact to the  historical Royal Exhibition Building grounds for the event.

The prestigious show is held between Wednesday 27th and Sunday 31st March, after which Otter Fencing will carefully remove all of the temporary fencing and gates on a single day to minimize disruption to the heritage grounds and to the public.

Head around to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show yourself to see our hard work, as well as enjoying a breathtaking and sweet smelling day of fun!

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