Pipe Promotion 2020

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Galvanised & Powder Coated Pipe

In addition to our full range of chain link, Otter Fencing currently has in stock an expanded range of galvanized and powder coated (satin black) Medium, Light & X-Light Grade pipe, which conforms to AS1074 & AS1725.

All our galvanized pipe is stored inside, out of the weather, to avoid white rust, dust and dirt.

Of course, we stock standard 6500mm lengths, but we also stock a variety of specific pipe lengths to save on wastage, which saves you money.

Specific pipe lengths & applications:

  • 4500mm lengths of 50NB Medium
    • Tennis Court Intermediate posts


  • 4800mm Lengths of 80NB Medium
    • Tennis Court Corner, Gate & Heavy-Duty Intermediate posts


  • 5900mm Lengths of 40NB X-Light, Light & Medium
    • Standard 1800mm high 3-Barb Crimped for Chain-link fabric Security Fencing (no waste when cutting in half)


  • 7300mm Lengths of 32NB X-Light & Light, 40NB in X-Light & Medium
    • Cut down into 3 lengths to suit Bottom Rail on Sports Grounds


  • 7300mm Lengths of 40NB in X-Light, Light & Medium, 50NB in Medium
          • Cut down into 3 no. lengths for 1800 high plain top fence

        Cut in half for 3650mm long posts without joins or waste

Pipe processing available: Cutting, Crimping, Cranking, Swaging & Powder Coating.


Call our office now on 03 8791 2000 or email sales@otterfencing.com.au to find out how much you can save when purchasing pipe from Otter Fencing.


*Special rates when purchasing full slings*

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