Otter Fencing – Covid-19 Stage 4 Statement of Position

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Following the recent announcement of stage 4 restrictions by the Premier of Victoria, we are pleased to confirm that Otter Fencing will remain open for business.

As many of our products and services relate to the Construction and Security industry, we can remain open and continue to operate, consistent with the guidelines imposed by the Victorian Government.

We will continue to operate with the appropriate precautions in place, ensuring we remain compliant with our Covid-19 Safe work plans, which are in place. If there is any change to this we will of course advise you.
It’s also important to note that our key Suppliers have also reassured us that they too will remain open during Victorian Stage 4 Covid-19 restrictions, to provide us with continued supply of materials and services, which is critical to our supply chain.

Our delivery vehicles will remain on the road, continuing to deliver materials to your businesses and jobs sites. We are also open for you or your nominated transport company to pick up materials too, but we ask that all new orders be sent through to us via email or phone, rather than made in person to limit the face to face interaction and exposure.

If you have any particular concerns or questions, we recommend that you to get in touch with your primary Otter Fencing contact to discuss further.

Finally, we ask that anyone with any symptoms of illness or direct contact with someone that has recently tested positive to Covid-19, not to enter our business premises or interact with our Staff or Contractors and to seek medical advice.

In advance we thank you for your understanding and support during these very trying times for us all. 

Stay safe.


Glenn Otter
General Manager

Stage 4 Statement of Position Stage 4 Statement of Position