John Monash Reserve, Skye

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Project Name: John Monash Reserve Perimeter Fencing

Client: Frankston City Council.

Location: 9 John Monash Dr, Skye VIC 3977

Completion: July, 2021

The John Monash Reserve project included approx. 110 lineal meters of 1025mm high Fusion Bonded Chain Link along with Cypress Pine posts.

The fence encloses the reserve, complimenting the newly developed outdoor playground which was recently installed. 


Some of the materials used in this project included:

  • 125×125, 150×150 and 200×200 Sawn Cypress Pine Bollards with 45 degree Chamfered Top and Pipe Holes for rails.
  • 40nb (48.3mm O/D) top and bottom rails.
  • 1025mm high x 50mm pitch x 2.50mm, KK Fusion Bonded Chain Link Fabric.
  • Vehicle entry gate, 900mm high x 3900mm wide opening (diagram below).

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