The Link, Issue No. 51, October 2021

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Australasian Wire Industry Association The Link Issue No 51 October 2021.

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‘Showcasing the success, innovation and developments in the Fencing, Gate and Wire Industries’

President’s Report:

I’m never sure when to put pen to paper, as every time I write for the Link the world seems to change by the time it goes to print. Now its lockdown softening, and picnics for the fully vaccinated and the glimmer of hope in the national cabinet agreement that at 80% vaccination rates the boarders will re-open. This constant change can cause fatigue which is very real. I have noticed it in loved ones and colleagues at work. Personally, I am feeling the fatigue. You may be also, and that’s ok.

Things are changing every day. New rules, relaxation of rules, border restrictions, protests, it goes on and on. With every press conference things change and this causes us all an element of stress. If we try to control a situation that is beyond our control, it magnifies these feelings. So how do we deal with all this?

What I have tried to do is deliberately separate the things I can’t control from those things that I do have some control over. I can’t do anything about escalating Covid numbers in the community but I can do whatever is in my power to help the situation, like minimising my movements, getting vaccinated, and trying as much as I can to be part of the solution. The things that are easy to control in my world are simple, like making sure I swim everyday, and that I’m always present at dinner with the family and that those family moments are without external distractions. I like to make sure my routine is maintained as much as possible so I set my alarm for the morning and try and get my 8 hours each night. Yes it’s boring but it’s working. I find the weeks are flying by faster than I would like and I live in hope that soon this will all be over.

So, while the current circumstances might not be ideal, the end is in sight and I sincerely look forward to a time when I can see you all face to face and share our stories from the last 18 months or maybe just talk about something else.
Stay safe and please reach out if you are struggling.

Charles Johnstone

Australasian Wire Industry Association The Link Issue No 51 October 2021.