Inside our fully equipped engineering workshop at Otter Fencing located in Dandenong South, we have the following capabilities to complete a variety of products to suit a wide range of required jobs.


Engineered for heavy duty applications, the multiple Brobo Waldown S400B cold-saws on hand at Otter Fencing are specifically developed for precision cutting of CHS, SHS and RHS specific required lengths for any job. Its superior performance and reliability ensures a burr-free, milled finish on every cut.


Otter Fencing has the latest hydraulic bending machines which have the capabilities of bending steel pipe ranging from 20mm NB (26.9mm OD) to 65mm NB (76.1mm OD).

The finish of your product is greatly dependent on the type of tool used. Our pipe bending equipment have the capability to bend and form pipes and tubes without flattening or distorting the pipe.

We have the ability to bend lengths of pipe up to 180 degrees.

We are also able to bend straight lengths of pipe into a variety of products, such as gate frames, cranked posts and pipe bows.


Pipe swaging is the process of reducing pipe so that they can be internally joined to other lengths of pipe.

Pipe swaging uses cold forging or compressing the tube. Dies are used in pipe swaging, to reduce its diameter. The pipe is placed inside a die and applies compressive force by hammering radially. Conversely, pipe swaging can be used for expansion by placing a mandrel inside the pipe and applying radial compressive forces on the outer diameter.

Pipe swaging can also be used to fit a pipe end with another tube, elbow or joint. Pipe swaging can be more economical than getting more fittings. However, improper swaging techniques can lead to piping failure. Pipe swaging and other end forming processes are available for various sizes.

Otter Fencing has the ability to swage pipe ranging from 25mm NB (33.7mm OD) to 100mm NB (114.3mm OD).


You can have confidence knowing that you are dealing with experienced welding & fabrication professionals.

We specialize in: MIG welding mild steel, both mild steel and silicon bronze welding wire.


Otter Fencing has the ability to crimp or hole punch pipe posts to suit 3-barb Chain-Link Security Fencing utilising our John Heine brake press to AS1725-2010.

We are currently in the process of secure tooling to allow us to crimp pipe post to suit up to 6 rows of barbed wire.

Punched and crimped pipe (40nb)


Notching is the process of cutting the end of the pipe in a circular or scalloped fashion, to allow the pipe to fit neatly against another section of pipe.

Otter Fencing’s latest notching equipment has the ability notch both sides of the pipe in one action, with no need for turning the pipe 180 degrees so.

The benefits of notching pipe are;

  • It looks neater and more professional.
  • Save time welding versus filling void when butting 2 sections of pipe together.
  • Stronger (more structurally sound) when welding versus flattened pipe that has been welded.

Punching & Cropping

Otter Fencing has a metal working press that allows to hole punch 6mm to 14mm holes, up to 10mm thick steel plate.

We are also able to process / cut flat bar and angle up to 10mm thick.

Specialist Fabrication

Otter Fencing has the ability for custom fabrication & manufacture unique one-off steel products to suit your specific needs.

Contact us on 03 8791 2000 or to discuss your design and requirements.