Otter Fencing are a well-established, market leading, Melbourne based supplier and installer of quality gate automation systems for Commercial, Industrial and Educational applications.

Why choose Otter Fencing for gate automation?

  • We have been established for more than 60 years and are well respected throughout the industry and are experienced to offer expert advice and the most suitable gate automation and access control device to suit all applications and requirements.
  • We only supply and install quality European made gate motors and associated automation equipment, such as; BFT, FAAC, DEA, SEA and Comunello fittings and accessories.
  • We provide a 2-year warranty on all gate automation installations.
  • We install and service throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas.
  • We also offer servicing and back up support for your gate motor and access control devices.

Benefits of Gate Automation!

Gate automation has become increasingly popular over the years. Similar to garage doors, it was previously considered a luxury to have motorized entrance gate or garage door, however technology has seen gate automation become more common and cost effective.

By adding a gate motor to your sliding or hinged entrance gate, you will experience no fuss access and exist without leaving your vehicle. You can also control vehicle and pedestrian movement with added security and access control features.

Benefits of Installing a Gate Motor:

  • Security as you can program the gate to close after you enter the property.
  • Safety as the gates are controlled by the gate motor they open and close at a steady pace, even on crossovers with steep slopes. Automated gates also have safety photos cells to ensure the gates don’t close onto a vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Convenience – Ability to open and close you gate at the press of a button, without leaving the comfort of your vehicle or via a timer that can open the gate in the morning and close it at night.
  • Access Control via applications such as; Palgate to control who enters your property.  

Accessories to consider:

  • Safety Beams – extremely important to prevent accidents with all swinging or sliding gates
  • Key Pads – another way of operating your gates using a PIN including a mode for pedestrians.
  • Remote control hand transmitters.
  • Battery Backup – the gates will continue to work normally even when there is a power failure.
  • Loop detectors for convenient exit without the need to press a button.
  • Solar Power for applications where power to the gate is problematic.
  • Access Control Applications e.g. Palgate
  • Flashing Light to alert vehicles and pedestrians when the gate is opening or closing.

Gate Motor Types:

Difference between 240V and Low Voltage Gate Motors

  • 240 Volt Gate Motors

240 volt, single phase gate motors are generally cheaper to purchase than low voltage gate motors, however you do need 240 volt mains power installed at your gate, which can be expensive to install. The 240 volt power cable needs to be installed by a qualified Electrician and located in a trench up to 600mm below ground level, which can prove problematic is the area around the gate if paved or concreted.

  • Low Voltage Gate Motors

Low voltage gate motors are typically 24 volt and generally more expensive to purchase, but can have a low voltage power supply or solar pack so it can work out cheaper once installed.

Other advantages of low voltage motors are;

  • Operate cooler than 240V so are more suitable when a gate gets a lot of use.
  • More compact in size
  • Better obstruction detection, which makes them safer.
  • The speed can also be controlled more effectively
  • Added option of battery backup.

24 volt low voltage gate motors require a transformer to be installed adjacent to a 240 volt power point. To provide power to the gate motor, low voltage 2 core wires need to be installed just under the surface of the ground or along the fence line, ideally in conduit between the transformer and the gate motor.

Handy Hint

  • A 3mm (16Amp) 2 core copper wire should be installed for installation up to 30 linear metres a from the transformer to the gate motor.
  • For distances greater than 30 linear metres and up to 80 linear metres a 6mm (38Amp) 2 core copper wire should be installed.

3-Phase Gate Motors

3-phase motors with a purpose built variable frequency inverter that can run from either 240V mains or a battery are the ultimate in high torque at all speeds and endurance as these motors are industrial grade and have all the benefits of the low voltage motor with a few of their own.

          Sliding Gates

When choosing which sliding gate motor is best for your application, it is important to consider the following:-

  • Is the gate opening level or is the ground sloped?
  • What sort of vehicles will be driving through the entrance, i.e. car or trucks?
  • How much space is available for the gate to slide back?
  • What is the surface of the driveway? Is it gravel, concrete or bitumen?
  • What is the expected volume of vehicles driving through the gate opening per day and will the gate need to open and close for each vehicle, which is also known as duty cycle?
  • Consideration should be made to the weight of the gate and desired opening and closing speed of the gate.

It is important that sliding gates are fitted with quality sliding gate wheels that are designed to suit the weight of the sliding gate, along with suitable top guide roller wheels to support the sliding gate level.

BFT ARES Commercial 1500kg Motor

BFT Oberon sliding gates up to 2000kg in weight. (Leaf speed up to 39 m/min)

FAAC 740 Commercial 900kg sliding gate motor

FAAC 844 Commercial 1800kg sliding Gate Motor

DEA – Charger Commercial 1800kg

SEA – Lepus 2000kg 24Volt

          Swing or Hinged Gates

There are various types gate motors to suit swing or hinge gates. The gate motor types include; hydraulic or worm drive which are typically used for gates mounted on posts and articulated arm gate motors which are suitable for gates mounted on concrete or block wall pillars.

Ground stops or even vertical electric drop bolts are highly recommended for swing or hinges double gates to stabilize and secure the automated double gates.

BFT – Giuno Ultra BT A50 Double Kit

FAAC 415 24v Electric Swing Gate Motor

          Boom Gates

Boom Gates provide traffic control in areas such as car parks or entrances to schools, car parks and businesses.

There are various types Boom Gates that are available to suit various applications, depending on the width of the opening and the expected duty cycle per day.

Boom gates have proven to be a quality & reliable solution for traffic control in commercial, industrial and educational applications. 

Boom Gates can be controlled by card reader’s, intercoms, remote control and more recently via applications such as; Palgate Access Control application which is offered via a Bluetooth or GSM operated application.

FAAC B680 24v Automatic Barrier