Metal Clad Fencing, also known as Colorbond Steel Fencing is a durable form of fencing and is ideal for complimenting and securing your property. Metal clad fencing is available in range of styles, heights and colours to suit any property or building and offers complete privacy and safety.

Primarily there are two types of Metal Clad Fencing; Residential & Commercial


  • Residential Metal Clad (Colorbond) Fencing comes in a panel of kit form consisting of; 2 no. C-channel fence posts, Top & Bottom Rails, 3 no. in-fill Metal Clad (Colorbond) sheets & metal tek screws to suit and is deemed a light duty type of fence.


  • Commercial Metal Clad (Colorbond) Fencing is required where a heavier duty type of fence is required and also where heavier wind loads are expected. Typically, Commercial Metal Clad Fencing is also higher than a Residential application and therefore typically has larger structure SHS posts and at least 3 no. horizontal steel rails that the metal clad (colorbond) sheets are then fixed to.

Advantages of Metal Clad (Colorbond) Fencing

  • Metal Clad fencing is made to last. It is a durable fencing type and will not warp like timber fencing or be eaten away by termites.
  • It is heat and fire-resistant so it would be ideal as a barrier for properties located in bushfire prone areas.
  • Metal clad fences are low maintenance and very easy to clean via the occasional wash down. However, you will need to keep an eye on the bottom of the fence to ensure it’s clear of soil and garden debris.
  • Privacy & Security – While most types of fences do provide adequate security, they often fail to provide enough privacy. As Metal Clad fences have no gaps, they enclose your property making it private. There are also no easy foot or hand holds for climbing, so it helps keep unwanted visitors out.
  • Modern – most Metal Clad fences made from Colorbond steel which gives a much more modern look and is available in a variety of modern and stylish colours to suit every application.