Otter Fencing has been manufacturing, supplying, and installing fencing and gates to suit a wide variety of applications for over 60 years. In that time, Otter Fencing has built its reputation on quality, combined with unsurpassed reliability. Otter Fencing is well respected throughout the industry, specialising in Chain-Link Fabric, Tubular, and Welded Mesh fencing and gates, including Gate Automation and associated fencing materials. All installation works and materials comply with relevant Australian Standards.

Otter Welded Mesh Temporary Fencing system has been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS4687-2007. Once erected by a qualified installer, it effectively restricts unauthorised access to work sites and may be relocated simply to adapt to changing conditions. This system is not suitable for use around swimming pools or balconies etc. When combined with shade cloth, additional Support Stays and Fence Supports, it may also be used as a visual barrier and to prevent dust and debris from escaping work sites.

Temporary Fencing is available to either purchase or hire depending on your requirements. 

Fence Panels

Otter Fencing temporary fencing panels are constructed with 32mm OD galvanised pipe frame infilled galvanised welded mesh with 5mm wire spaced at 60mm horizontal centers and 160mm vertical centers. They are fully welded and supplied with a hot dip galvanised finish

Fence Gate Panels

Otter Fencing temporary fencing gate panels are fully welded and hit dip galvanised. They are constructed with the same specifications as Otter Fencing temporary fence panels with the addition of quality industrial jockey wheels and a hand hole suitable for chain and padlock.

Support Stays

Support stays are constructed of 32mm OD galvanised pipe frame and are used as a safety support for temporary fence panels in high wind areas. 

Panel Clamps

Panel clamps are a two piece clamping system using a bolt to secure fence panels together, and support stays to panel assembly.

Fence Supports

The fence supports are concrete filled plastic footing. They are used singularly to support a fence panel joint, or stacked two high to secure support stays in high windload, eg. signs, shadecloth etc.

Temporary Fence Specifications:
    • Frame: 25NB (33.7mm OD)
    • Panel Height: 2100mm OA
    • Panel Width: 2400mm OA & 3250mm OA
    • Wire: Vertical 5mm, Horizontal 5mm
    • Mesh Aperture: 60mm W x 160mm H
    • Finish: Galvanised or Powder Coated
    • Fence Panel Weight: 22.5kg (2400mm OA)
    • Fence Gate Weight: 24kg
    • PVC Base Weight: 32kg