Helicoil – 4.00mm

Helicoil cable (4.00mm diameter) is used as a single strand horizontal cable which is strained taut between and secured to, all terminal posts. The helicoil cable is then secured to the outside face of all intermediate posts with double cross ties of with 2.00mm lacing wire.

The purpose of the horizontal helicoil cable is to support the chain-link fabric. Typically a rail-less chain-link fence has 3 horizontal cables with the top cable positioned one half diamond below the top selvedge, the bottom cable one half diamond above the bottom selvedge and the centre cable spaced evenly in the middle.

Plain Wire – 3.15mm

Twin double twisted support cables (3.15mm diameter) are used as a double strand plain horizontal cable, which is twisted together at intervals between intermediate posts to form a tensioned spiral effect, allowing the chainwire mesh to be adequately supported between all posts. To gain this effect, each strand is looped around alternative intermediate posts but never both around the same post.

Lacing Wire – 2.00mm

2.00mm Lacing Wire is typically used for the following applications;

    • Lacing chain-link fabric to terminal posts
    • Lacing chain-link fabric to top & bottom rails
    • Tying helicoil cable to intermediate posts
    • Tying chain-link fabric to intermediate posts
    • Tying barbed wire to posts

Tie Wire – 1.57mm

1.57mm Tie Wire is typically used for the following applications:

    • Lacing chain-link fabric to horizontal cable.

Barb Wire

Barbwire is used in applications where additional security is required. The most commonly used barbwire is 1.57mm high tensile with a reverse twisted pattern construction for maximum strength and barbs at 100mm spacings. Typically, the barbwire is strained taut between terminal posts above the chainwire at predetermined spaces.

Typically 3 rows of barbed wire are installed spaced at 150mm centres, with the first row at 50mm down from the top of the post. The barbed wire is strained taut between terminal posts and secured to either; evenly spaced post indentations or evenly spaced punched holes at the top of posts.

Razor Wire

Razor wire security fencing is designed to keep people in or out of high security areas like prisons, airports and power plants. Razor wire is available in the following configurations:

Flat Loop Wire (760mm (20 Pcs), 550mm (70 Pcs) & 470mm (45 Pcs)) – Flat loop razor wire is made up of individual loops of barbed tape and has been designed to replace standard barbed wire.  It is ideal when extra security needs to be added to the top of an existing fence or gate. Flat loop wire can be attached in overlapping loops to pre strung barbed wire and is useful where fence space and depth is limited.  Flat loop razor wire substantially improves the effectiveness of any security fence and can be affixed to a brick wall directly, giving it immediate anti climb properties.

Concertina Wire (550mm (45 Pcs)) – Concertina Razor Tape features continuous circular coils of various diameters. Once limited to military installations, you will now find it protecting industrial units, warehouses and manufacturing plants as it minimizes the rate of encroachment and subsequent vandalism and theft. This wire is made in such a way that it can’t be cut through.

Netting Clips & Pliers

Netting clips are an alternative to using tie wire to fix the chain link mesh to the supporting cable wires.

The clips are attached at every 320mm (or every 4th diamond) using a hand operated tool similar to a pair of pliers. The clips are closed tightly around the cable wire and the wire of the mesh.